Our Concept

    Australia has a booming economy and is recruiting a lot of skilled professionals. If you can speak English, we will help you come to this amazing country where it is so good to live ! We will find you a company with a better salary than in Europe, but also help you move over here: sort your visa, open your bank account, find the best suburb to settle, help you find a flat... This international experience will boost your life and your career!!


    You speak english
    You can code
    You are less than 31 (ideally)

    In Sydney

    Great salary
    6 months contract
    A work Visa

    We will help

    Work visa
    Bank account
    Find a flat

    iResources Founder

    Damien Huriet, 15 years experience in IT as Technical team lead in major banks (France, Switzerland, Australia).
    Damien Huriet
    Damien Huriet
    Owner & CEO

    Profiles most wanted

    Some classic profiles we're looking for:

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